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Leaks in an engine's cooling system allow the coolant level to drop, and the resulting pressure loss lets the coolant boil.  This causes overheating.  Also, corroded passages slow the flow of coolant, compounding the HEAT!

Keep your engine running cool with WELDIT LEAK SEAL, an effective concentrated powder made to quickly and simply seal leaks and prevent corrosion in all vehicles' cooling systems - cars, trucks and tractors.  It works by mixing with the circulating coolant.  The pressure of the cooling system forces WELDIT to the leak site where tiny  fibers and sealing resins set up by engine heat to form a permanent "WELD".

WELDIT has proven over 25 years to stop leaks faster than other products, insure against future leaks, prevent corrosion and help to lubricate the water pump bearing.

It works with all current radiator materials and with all types of antifreeze.
It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and used worldwide.

WELDIT is available at most auto parts stores.

Recommended by C.J. Patterson of C.J.P. Motorsports Racing Team who found that WELDIT was the only preparation that stopped the leak in his racer so that he could continue racing.    "It Really Works!

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